2013 Alpina BMW B7 Luxury Car


The 2013 Alpina BMW B7 is probably the best car for those who want to taste the luxurious car. This Alpina is one of the BMW vendor masterpieces. It is obviously car that can make us proud when we drive it. It is not about the appearance of the Alpina 2013 but also the performance that offer the smooth driving and comfortable environment in the interior. It just likes the perfect way to enjoy the car.

The Specification of 2013 Alpina BMW B7

The 2013 Alpina BMW B7 is supported with the V8 super engine (twin turbo, 4.4 liter) that will blast the top speed up to 194 Mph. The torque can reach the level of 538 lb ft and the horse power reach 540 in level. This power is the one that will make the performance of the Alpina 2013 even better than previous version. The 8 speed auto transmission will make the driving smoother. This car can reach the speed of 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

The Appearance of 2013 Alpina BMW B7

This car is categorized in the luxury car. It is obvious that the appearance is one of the main parts of the 2013 Alpina BMW B7. We can see it clearly that the BMW is known for its luxurious elegant shape. The grill is the one we can easily recognize. The texture of the body can show the confidence of the car. The measurement is made like the massive car that has large spaces.

The combination of the great power and good looking exterior is supports with the comfortable of the interior design. The seat is covered with the fine leather to reach the comfortable purpose. The desk panel is made to create such futuristic and sophisticate impression. So it is clearly that the 2013 Alpina BMW B7 is worth enough to dock in our garage.

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