2013 BMW M5 US-Version Great Sedan


The 2013 BMW M5 US-Version is the one of the sedan series that is manufactured by the great car vendor BMW. The name of BMW is no need to be doubted if it relates to the car field. The car that is made by BMW is known for its great engine performance both endurance and power. The car is also comfortable and looks luxurious. It is correct that the BMW market target is the upper class person who wants to experience the masterpiece in form of car.

The Specification of 2013 BMW M5 US-Version

When the car is released on August 2012 in United States, it is said that there will be enhancement in the body design, texture, and performance. The 2013 BMW M5 US-Version installs the new design of V8 engine with the technology of Twin Power Turbo. It is said that this kind of V8 engine can produce more than the standard V10 engine. The horse power that is produced by the engine is merely reach 560 hp.

The Appearance of 2013 BMW M5 US-Version

The 2013 BMW M5 US-Version has great looking appearance. The exterior of this car show how elegant the BMW car is. The design itself is purposed to support the performance of the great V8 engine. The chassis of the car can support the high speed that will produce by the engine. The headlight looks stunning with the Adaptive Xenon lamp.

Jump to the interior, we will see how the design of the panel. It is about luxury in form of car. The panel is really friendly use and has beautiful model. The latest technology is also applied to it. So it is obvious that, from the explanation above, the 2013 BMW M5 US-Version should be included in the most wanted car of 2013 market car.

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